Conservatory Roof Conversions

Geoghegan Conservatory Conversions have fitted countless conservatory roof conversions throughout every corner of Ireland over the past 6 years, to every shape and size of conservatory. During this time we have found through our customers that, in general, most conservatories are simply too cold in winter and too hot in summer to be usable year round. This leads to unnecessary wasted space within the home. A Geoghegan Conservatory Roof Conversion is a proper roof, rather than simply the thermal blinds or poly-carbonate roof inserts that are on the market to improve the usability of your conservatory.

The roofing system’s insulating properties are far superior and with it, the control of the temperature inside your conservatory becomes easy. Each Geoghegan Conservatory Roof Conversion is accompanied by a full Structural Engineers Report, and uses only high performance materials throughout, from the advanced lightweight, tiled roofing system to the fully insulated and finished interior ceiling.

What will a Geoghegan Conservatory Roof Conversion mean to you?

A Geoghegan Conservatory Roof Conversion will transform your much-loved conservatory into a room that you and your family can enjoy all year round and:

  • Your conservatory will be cooler in the Summer, due to the sunshine being repelled off the newly tiled conservatory roof
  • Your conservatory is warmer in the Winter, due to the fully insulated conservatory roof system retaining the heat in the room
  • You will have reduced glare from the sun in your new room, due to the lightweight, tiled roofing system
  • Rain noise will be reduced in your new room, due to the lightweight, tiled roofing system
  • Heating costs will be reduced in your new room, due to the insulation contained within the new roofing system
  • All maintenance associated with the current glass/poly-carbonate roof will be eliminated

And for added peace of mind, every Geoghegan Roof Conversion comes complete with:

  • A 10 year guarantee on workmanship
  • A 40 year guarantee on roof tile
  • A Full Structural Engineers Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose much head height?
No because our conservatory roof conversion system follows the existing profile of the vaulted roof.
What effect will the additional weight do to the roof?
All Geoghegan Roof Conversions come with a full structural engineer’s report. The engineer’s calculations ensure that the conversion is designed to withstand wind loads, snow loads and human traffic, with huge tolerances.
I have some roof window openings, will I lose them?
Some customers want roof openings left in, some want the roof openings covered. So it’s entirely your choice as the customer.
Will it look different?
Yes, both internally and externally. As far as internally goes: Internally you will have a solid, vaulted and plastered ceiling. As far as externally goes: our Geoghegan Roof Conversion system is a full tiled conservatory roof conversion. Your existing conservatory will look more like a sunroom extension, with our range of tiles ensuring a match
Will I lose much light?
No. The majority of light delivered into any conservatory comes through the windows and doors, especially if your existing conservatory has a poly-carbonate roof. It is considered that the installation of our system on average only results in a modest light loss of approximately 5%. Also, as a customer you can choose roof lights to
How is the conversion carried out?
The existing roof sheets are removed and the new rafter system installed. The insulation is fitted between and below the rafters, with the underside (the side you see) being plaster boarded and given a skim finish. The new lightweight tiles are fitted to the top surface complete with hip and valley details. New fascia, soffit,
When can these Home Improvements be carried out?
Our typical lead time, from signing of the contract is 3 to 4 weeks – the average conservatory conversion is completed within 2 to 3 days.
Why should I consider a Conservatory Roof Conversion from Geoghegan?
Most conservatories are simply too cold to use in winter and too hot to use in summer, meaning that the conservatory is invariably not used to its full potential. The benefits to the customer of a Geoghegan roof conversion are enormous.

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